Hello to everyone that decided to read this. Welcome to my very first blog! Before I begin, I think you need to know something about what you’re reading. The excerpt for this subject says this blog entry is a guide to having a functional marriage to a professional football player. Now, understand this. MEEKSLOGIC is about MEEK and my opinion. It is no way meant for you to think you are reading the Bible of the things I blog about. 90% of MEEKSLOGIC will be opinion, the other 10% will be comedy, shade, and a tiny bit of fact. LOL! I value my opinion, and so do a lot of my friends and family members. So it’s almost like my opinion is fact. πŸ™‚ BOOM!! There it is! MEEKSLOGIC is officially a factual blog! LMAO!! Get into it!!

Just kidding! Now let’s get to it. I’ve been a football fan since I was a young girl. I never really had a strong love for what I was watching until I saw Jerry Rice playing receiver for the 49ers. I was in awe! He was the greatest athlete I had ever seen on the football field. Although I loved the sport, I didn’t start to really understand it until I got to college and chose my major. I wanted to be a journalist, but not just any journalist, I wanted to be a sports reporter. I knew that if this was something I wanted to take seriously, I needed to learn about all sports, not just the one’s I knew how to play. So I begin watching and reading about as many sports as possible, to kick off my college mission of becoming a journalist. As I read up on all of the different positions and responsibilities of each player in the NFL, I began to realize how technical this sport really is. Β I often times questioned how the male sex could understand such detailed and exact things. I mean let’s be honest, men are not the detailed sex, women are. As a matter of fact, most men hate details, lol. But what I also learned is football isn’t just about a sport or a paycheck, it’s about a brotherhood, family, pride and being the best at what you do, when the lights are on. Keep in mind, I’m looking at the game from a player’s point of view, not how the coaches, front office or owners see it. That’sΒ a WHOLE other subject that Id have to be medicated to write, if you know what I mean. From what I learned, this game was meant to be fun. It was never meant to be about hold outs, the media’s opinion and intentional violence on other players. But those are things that unfortunately come with the territory of this game being a multi billion dollar business.

So imagine yourself being a football player. You play a sport where 11 men slam into each other for 2.5 hours straight, to take care of their family. Crazy right? I’m not really sure why they do it. Football, to me, is a very dangerous sport. Anyone that chooses to play this game has to really love it, or be crazy as hell. Maybe even both. After reading and watching in as much detail as possible, I knew their home life had to be insane! You depend on 10 other guys, each game, from September until January (outside of the pre-season and playoffs) to provide for your family. It’s the best team sport in the world. Everyone is depending on everyone to have their shit together every week. My heart just started beating fast when I typed that last sentence. If you have never played a sport at the professional level, you will never understand the pressures that come with it. I have never played professional football, obviously, but I imagine its being like a real life gladiator for about 7 months a year. Everyone is counting on you. Your family, your teammates, your friends. You can’t let them down. If you do, you can be released at a moments notice, possibly not get all of your bread, and it will be all over the news and internet. Kinda sucks, huh? How would you like it if you were working at a boutique and you labeled some of clothing with the wrong prices and the shit was on ABC? Pressure!! Billions are at stake! When I met my husband, I knew he was crazy! He’s 5’9.5″ 185lbs, and he chases and tries to out skill one of the tallest, most athletic positions on the field. And sometimes he has to slam into them! So instead of adding any more craziness to his life, I decided I would do my best to make football season as peaceful, positive and pleasant as possible. Damn that was a lot of P’s lol.

Here are some of the football wife season commandments that I came up with a few years ago. Now, as I said earlier, these are facts, but MY FACTS! You are free to try them at home, but you wont get any of the minutes it took you to read this back, if it doesn’t work. Sorry! No refunds!

Excess Baggage

If your friends or family members try to involve you guys in some of their mess, you need to tell them to press pause until the season is over. Please don’t bring other people’s drama into your house. Its stressful!! Players fumble punt returns because of stress and drama going on at home. We don’t need that! Do your best to surround yourself with positive energy and love. If they can’t respect how your man gets his bread, you might want to reevaluate the relationship.

Everything Is Awesome!!!

And when you say that statement, you have to say it just like the song in The Lego Movie! As women, we have more mood swings, pity parties and bad days than men. #FactsOnly Their brain will never understand why we react a certain way to the littlest things, so why force him to pretend to care during football season? Like Idina Menzel said in Frozen, Let It Go!

Pussy Pot Pie

My friend Aaron Owens aka AO from the And1 Basketball Mixtapes has a hash tag that he created on twitter with this subject. He uses it to basically out a girl who is low-key offered a guy #thebox in a sub-tweet. I cry laughing every time he tweets it because oddly, it reminds me of the year (I was about 11) I got stuck visiting my family in St. Louis. Right before my flight, I found out I had chicken pox. FAK!! So the airline wouldn’t allow me to fly back to LA. My mom talked me into staying for the entire school year, to get to know my extended family. I lived with my grandmother for the majority of the time and she would always leave a pot pie in the oven for me, nice and warm, incase I got hungry thru out the day. Ladies, your body needs to be that warm pot pie, sitting in the oven, always ready, incase he needs sexual nourishment, during football season.

Support Your Brand

I know we don’t all have the same salaries, lifestyles and situations, but we can all relate to the support of a loved one. How can you let your man go to war, on Any Give Sunday, without his queen in attendance? I’m speaking to the wives and women with exclusive rights to the meat, that are not gainfully employed. If your man has provided you with a lifestyle that doesn’t require you assisting in the finances, your job is to support your brand. GO TO THE GAMES! As an ex-pro athlete, there’s something special about performing at your best and having loved one’s in the building to witness it. Go to as many games as you can. It will lift his spirits and give you a reason to learn about his job. And for those of you that are saying you have kids so you can’t go to the games, take them with you! Cant take them, leave them with a grandma or find a nanny for a few hours. Try to give your man your full attention on game day. It will make him feel so appreciated!

Learn The Game

Learning about what your man does on the field will help your relationship. Although every week is crucial in the NFL, know the big game weeks. Know who’s in your division. Know who the division rival is. Know when your man, who plays corner, is about to go up against Megatron on a Monday Night. Understand what that means. I promise you will love it. Watch film with him if you want to learn more. Don’t bug him tho, just let him know you would like to learn about his job if he’s up to teaching you. You will be able to have a job related conversation with him, you will learn why this game is so great, and it will also stop you from asking stupid questions like, “Which one is the quarterback?” x___x

When the season is over, evaluate yourself. How did you handle all of the negative outside energy that tried to creep into your home during the season? Did you do your best to not be a nagging little bitch that needs attention during the week he played against the best team in the division? Did you learn anything new about the sport? How man games did you go to? Were you submissive in the bedroom? Even on the days you were tired and he really needed to release that pressure? I get all A’s! And because of that, we decided long ago that the off-season would be MEEK SEASON!! I get to travel, sleep in, spoil myself, not have sex if I don’t feel like it (which never happens since I’m a horn dog), and he has to take trips with me to go see my family and friends, which he hates lol. But since I sacrifice so much for him, he puts a smile on his face and says I can do and have whatever I want! πŸ™‚ That’sΒ team work! Are You Ready For Some Football?

I hope you guys enjoyed the read. And if you didn’t, oh well. You’re not getting those minutes back! I welcome all comments and feedback, but please be respectful. Rumor has it, I can be rude at times.






17 thoughts on “ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL?????

  1. This was great. This makes so much sense. I really love the part about learning the game. Women you do not have to be a players wife to learn the game you will realize loving the game can get you closer to your regular husband that loves the sport. Remember this is for all sports it helps the relationships last longer just more things in common. Miko this was a great read.

  2. Great read – I was hoping you would do an entry like this. Always fun to see what it’s like behind the scenes away from the field.

    Looking forward to more blog entries from you!!

  3. This post was SO awesome & on point!! I love your philosophy & will be applying these tips in my own life & relationship, as the wife of a college basketball coach!! U rock, & I look forward to reading future posts:)

  4. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ Meek, love this first blog. Love the facts and they make a lot of sense. If ya gonna be with a professional athlete the minimum you can do is learn his craft and support him all season. Can’t wait for the next read πŸ˜‹

  5. Great blog and tips for someone who is in a relationship or involved with an athlete in general these tips can also be used to keep in mind dealing with someone who plays sports and competes in a professional sport great job i will Truly keep this in mind because I know it’s not easy

  6. Great read! The same principles can be applied to any marriage even if your man isn’t the best CB in the league. Thanks Miko!

  7. Miko. This is an amazing platform for open dialog for folks like me.. who want to know what it’s like behind the scenes of a life of a football player but anyone that’s trying to maintain a positive relationship with a demanding career. Thanks for sharing

  8. Great read and very informative…. This information can be used for any woman who has a harding working husband that takes VERY good care of home. We need to do our part as well. Looking forward to more!!

  9. Bravo Miko!!! Great first post. You are the real deal – Nurturing Mommy….Supportive Wife….Caped Crusader! I look forward to future posts.

  10. I don’t follow you because of who you’re married to… I read your posts (and now your blogs) because you’re married, and a mom… just like me. And you’re real.

  11. I’m just going to start by saying, (from one journalism major to another) I love your writing – you’re personality jumps right out.
    I cosign with all the previous comments: this was a great read, and it looks like you extended a little further than your targeted audience, which is awesome! None the less, I too enjoyed the read, as my boyfriend has been in and out of the league, specifically with Miami. I imagine your husband has been released at some point in his career? -If so, I would absolutely love to read about how you handled that as a wife, confidant, financially, mentally ect. This has all been so new to me and I’m learning as we go. I don’t know anyone my age or even personally who has a significant other in the league, and would love to hear your unfiltered experience, opinion and advice.

  12. Great read & very informative! My Boyfriend is a cornerback as well, and will be starting his rookie season in the NFL!

  13. This is dope Miko!! Being a nfl wife nobody knows what goes on behind the man behind closed doors and how hard it is for these guys and their families. Exciting to see someone blogging positivity and encouraging wives to fall in line!!’ Love it happy your doing this good luck with it all

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