Last week, I sat in Ralph Wilson Stadium and watched the Dolphins perform extremely poor in two of their three phases of the game. I kept thinking to myself that there was no way our guys would shit the bed after being shut out the last time we played them. We were scoreless at the half, making that 6 straight quarters that the Bills shut us out. I was confused. Our offense received a passing grade after beating New England 33-20 but it appears we were all hood-winked. If you told me before the game that CJ Spiller would have 12 carries for 69yds, EJ Manuel would be 16/26 for 202yds and our defense would only give up one touchdown, I would bet a pretty good amount of money that we won the game. I would be wrong!

The media decided to run with the story that our defense was run over and tossed around by Buffalo but that couldn’t be further from the truth. A few reporters were bad mouthing our secondary as well, because they gave up a few big 3rd downs, but that doesn’t mean shit to me. That was poor play calling, we can fix that. Believe it or not, the defense has only given up 3 touchdowns in the first two games of the season, two of them in the air, including a fumble that the referee refused to overturn in Buffalo, and one on the ground. That’s dope! When your defense is forcing their opponents to punt or settle for field goals, that’s a good thing. You obviously want your defense to force turn-overs, which we didn’t do last week, but with the field position situations they faced, I feel like they did a great job.

Our defense is the least of my worries. I’m more concerned with the referees making bad calls and our play calling on third downs. My husband was blatantly held in Buffalo, on a play that would have resulted in a pick-6. He also caused the fumble I spoke about earlier, but again, the referee’s played us. Im starting to feel like this shit is personal. Im also worried about why my husband isn’t on the opposing teams best receiver on third downs. I have a lot of respect for our secondary, but lets keep it a buck. Brent is the best corner on the team and he should match up on the #1 receiver on any 3rd down plays.  Im hoping the coaching staff corrects that this week against Kansas City because I want to see him go up against Dwayne Bowe in crucial moments of the game. But as I said earlier, our defense is the least of my worries. The offense…..   –___–

Ryan Tannehill is in a slump. Im not sure how he got there, but he’s there and needs to figure out how to dig himself out. I can handle a qb missing tightly covered windows or throwing with pressure on him but thats not whats happening. He’s missing basic throws! And our receivers aren’t helping by dropping some of the one’s he does manage to put in the right place. It just seems like something is off. Even in the Patriots game, our offense scored 33 points but had we been on our shit, we would’ve easily scored 47 points in that game. We aren’t going to have many opportunities to put up 40+ points this season, so when you have an opportunity to do so, you have to rip the other teams head off and shit down their neck! We have the type of offense that can take the roof off the building but talking about it means nothing if you dont go out there and be about that life. We aren’t going to win many games if our offense performs the way they did against the Bills. I understand Knowshon Moreno went down on a fluke accident but players get hurt everyday B! One man’s injury is another man’s opportunity to flourish! The next man is supposed to step up and be ready to hold his spot down. I don’t feel like our running backs were ready to play last week and it put too much pressure on our qb, as well as our defense. That’s gotta change!

And then there’s the special teams. You cant imagine how much my ass was itching when I saw Buffalo run a kickoff back on us. I literally tweeted “Where’s The Exit” I was so upset! Special teams is about pride! If you have no pride in your work then you need to step aside and let somebody else eat! We don’t have time for bullshit!! This is our year! We are supposed to be competing for the Division Title!! We cant do that letting mediocre teams run back kickoffs, and we for damn sure cant do it fumbling punts and kickoffs. Our special teams was embarrassing, to say the least.

The Buffalo Bills are 2-0 while their offense is 26th in points, 17th in total yards, 26th in passing yards and 7th in rushing yards with EJ Manuel at qb. EJ MANUEL!! WOW!! They aren’t doing anything special, but they are doing everything RIGHT! The teams that do everything right give themselves an opportunity to win ball games. Thats what WE need to do. We need to give ourselves a chance to win by following our game plan, executing, and coming up with big plays when our number is called. If we don’t do these things, look for us to give the Chiefs their first win of the season. I WILL BE PISSED!!!

2 thoughts on “WEEK 2 RECAP

  1. Great read, however, sometimes defenses have to make it happen for the offense. Let’s keep it a buck, as you would say. The defense set the tone and held it down week 1 against the Pats. The DEFENSE will be the reason the Fins have a successful, possible division winning season. The offense just has to play mistake free. The D will bring it home. As for the referees…you’re just a Fins fan, they’re doing the best they can :-).

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