Can you guys hear that? It’s the sound of all the self crowned corners in the NFL quietly exiting the spotlight. It’s not very loud, so you have to be really quiet and listen close. Do you hear it? Silence! They aren’t saying anything. Everyone is quiet. No one is beating their chest. You know why? Because once you say, “LOOK AT ME” and we all look, closely, we realize you are catfish.

The best thing that could’ve happened to these loud mouth corners of 2014 was adding the “No Contact After 5yds” rule.  I don’t like the rule, to be honest, but I understand it. This rule allows receivers, who already have an advantage, to create even more separation from the defender. Look at the direction of the NFL rules.  You cant touch the quarterback, you cant light a guy up anymore, and now this rule. This game was once about the toughest, most athletic men in the country. Now its filled with self proclaimed greats flossing million dollar endorsements, all because they are “system” guys. I cant believe it. It’s frustrating!

Now that the players have to abide by this new rule, all of a sudden, receivers are open more, the yards after the catch are getting higher, and the scoreboards are lighting up. Thats what the NFL wants. I get it, but these corners are getting exposed!

The media tells you who they believe the best corners in the NFL are and you guys believe them. They told you Richard Sherman, Patrick Peterson, Darrell Revis, Joe Haden, and Aqib Talib were the top 5 corners of 2013, rolled the same list into 2014, and the world said… YEP!! Did you guys know a lot of the media doesn’t get all the film, let alone watch what they do get? Did you know a lot of the players the media highlights are guys that other people tell them to crown? Its like high school all over again. The media is filled with know it all, stat reading morons that have never played on a professional level, so its basically an uneducated opinion, usually. Don’t you have your own opinion? Decide who you feel is the best by doing your own research, not just listening to a stat slinging talking heads on tv. Or… You can just listen to me. 🙂

The best corner in the NFL is none other than the Division-II, un-drafted, 5’9.5 185lb, curly haired beige boy by the name of Brent Grimes. If you look up statistics online, he may or may not be in the top 5, depending on who’s ranking the players. You hardly ever see him on ESPN or NFL Network and you also don’t see him on any other channel, since he doesn’t have any big endorsement deals. So basically, if you believe me, I know you have done your research and you understand what it takes to be the best corner in the NFL. For those of you that don’t, allow me to explain.

The best corner in the league MUST BE the most athletic player on his own team. He must be explosive, cerebral, and have the ability to cover any receiver in the league 1-on-1, if needed. He must be a ball hawk, mentally and physically tough, and balls of steel! If you cant say that about your favorite corner, then you need to hop on the Brent Grimes bandwagon before it gets too full.

Is Brent Grimes a “shut down” corner? I would have to say no. Why? Because i don’t believe there is a such thing. This league is designed for the offense to catch the ball and score points. The quarterback and receiver have a script. They know what they are going to do. The corner is blind. He cant touch the receiver after 5 yards and the receiver can push off to get open. What does that tell you? It tells me, unless the receiver/quarterback is terrible, balls will be caught. Yards will be gained. Points will be scored. So as far as I’m concerned, there is no such thing as a “shut down” corner. Once you understand that, you ask yourself these questions: Which corner has the ability to disrupt the script of the quarterback and receiver? Who’s fast enough to cover the deep ball, with no safety help? Who can break on the ball fastest, without getting a penalty for getting there too early? Who has the best closing speed? Does he allow yards after the catch? Is he missing tackles? Most receivers are taller than the corners so who can control the air, negating that height differential? BRENT GRIMES, thats who!

Dont get me wrong, a lot of the top ranked corners can do a few of the things on that list. If they couldn’t, they wouldn’t be where they are today. But when you remove the big name college hype, delete the Super Bowl rings, silence the media, take the names and numbers off the jerseys, and play man to man, there’s NO WAY IN HELL you walk away from that discussion believing anyone in the league is better than Brent Grimes. Men lie, the media lies, stats even lie. FILM DOES NOT! Ever!

Let that marinate. Leave a comment if you have something good to say.

12 thoughts on “The Best Corner In The NFL

  1. Great article! The proof is in the pudding anybody that actually watches Brent play will agree with you.Grimes first pick on sunday was a thing of beauty he stopped on a dime came back to the reciever and stepped right in front of him. Not many corners in the nfl can do it like that and make it look it easy. BRENT GRIMES IS THE BEST CORNER IN THE NFL!!!

  2. This is deep!!! I just have to tell you I was listening to the radio ( 560qam) and they all were talking about who would be their MVP If they had to choose today, and they all said your hubby!! Out of all the players on the team they recognized your husband as the best! And to top it off you have a great family!! To me it all stems from you being so strong minded and structured for him during his seasons!! The support is real and it is displayed on the field! So glad I read this!

  3. I found a site that is dedicated to analyzing CB’s using film since that position is hard to judge by numbers. It’s called The Numbers The Tape The Verdict. If you haven’t already, check it out. Would be curious as to what you think of how they evaluate CB’s

  4. “Im the best corner in the game” – Richard “Dick” Sherman. I am a die hard dolphins fan and I love Brent Grimes I hate how all ESPN talks about is the dumb seahawks and Dick Sherman doing bad why dont they talk about the Dolphins who have won 3 straight games and beat one of the top qbs in the league in Brady? I believe ESPN thinks we have no fans thats why they talk about oh shit the raiders lose again like who gives a shit they probaly wont win til another 20 years and Oh breaking news tony romo broke up with his girlfriend. You dont hear Grimes had 2 interceptions as the dolphins shut out the chargers like whats with that. Seahawks best defense in the legeaue thats overrated af! We have wake starks finnegan misi grimes finnegan and they say we suck i just dont know.. I also follow you and your husband on ig go dolphins!!! #phinsup #legoooo

  5. He will never get any love because he’s not out here screaming I’m the best like Sherman, or getting into social media arguments like Revis, and Peterson. Bottom line Grimes is arguably the best corner in the game right now.

  6. I must say I have not been totally educated on the game of football but I will say that you write so well that I actually knew what you were talking about . Despite the new rules Brent is still a great corner. I am very proud to say that the dolphins made the smartest decision when they took on team grimey. Good luck on the season and I look forward to getting to know football way more so I can be a better fan

  7. every thing here is 100% true took away his MVP don’t give him any credit. Barley show the dolphins or talk about them on NFL network only local channels. I’m abig fan so I’m on your side #OptimistGrime

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