I was asked about a week ago, week ago… (LOL j/k) by a friend, to do an interview for their friends’ podcast.  Knowing nothing about the person and the type of podcast they have, I said yes!  Why?  I don’t turn people down if they are referred from someone I know, especially if I hear they are on their grind.  Having said that, I’m usually not very pleased with the outcome.  People don’t usually have their sh*t together, quite honestly.  Most times, the interview lacks chemistry, humor, fluidity and good content.  But last night was different!  My Potna B and I had great chemistry for two people who didn’t follow each other on social media and also had never had a phone convo prior to the podcast.  He asked really good questions, kept the interview running smoothly, and we had some good laughs as well!  And for those reasons, I’m posting his sound cloud and iTunes link here for your enjoyment.  Please feel free to post my WordPress link and/or his inks on your blogs, social media pages and anywhere else you see fit.  He is doing a great job and I would appreciate you guys helping me help him.  Hope you enjoy!

The Main Topics: Marriage, Sports & Marijuana (all my fav things to talk about)


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