i wanna start off by saying i wrote this on my phone, in my notes. this is one big ass text, for real. there will be hella grammatical errors, bad punctuation, cuss words, “nigga” will be said a lot, as well as a lot of black people slang. the choice of language is not because I’m uneducated. its because the people I’m addressing speak this language. if u dont speak this language, or if u do but u choose not to use it, thats ok. just dont hate on it. receive this. i feel like i need to get this off so i can stop exploding on my own people on social media.

tomorrow, i will begin the process of clearing my name, which involves telling my side of this story on national tv, as well as meeting with my lawyers to figure out my rights as a victim of a crime. some of u dont care. I’m fine with that now. but since y’all felt the need to comment on me and my situation like u  know me, i feel like i can address y’all as if i know y’all as well. u probably won’t like it tho. i really dont give a shit at this point.


To My “People”

my own “People” came for me, my marriage, my education, my parenting and my morals while being FIXATED on calling me ugly about 635 times on social media today. in my mugshot, i didnt have makeup bcuz i dont wear makeup daily and my braid was a little frazzled after 10 police officers watched or assaulted me at my husbands game at 4pm on September 27, 2015. keep in mind these “ugly pointers and hateful people” were majority black women AND men. my own people. let me get on this pulpit real quick.

first off.. a man coming at a woman is bitch nigga shit where im from. what the FUCK (we’d cuss if i had a church) does my appearance have to do with anything? id divorce my husband if i knew he was online commenting on another niggas bitch! its not yours my nigga, so why do u care that he wifed it? u mad he aint gotta pay for pussy on the weekends like u do? fuck outta here bitch ass nigga! my man got a hot plate of food in front of him EVERY NIGHT and a wet mouth and pussy waiting on him as soon as he burps! get u one, fuck boy! only dry dick niggas sit on instagram comenting THAT MANY TIMES on some pussy thats CLEARLY out of their reach! u niggas could NEVER have me! u WISH u had a bitch like me in your corner! i stood up to Roger Goddell fuck boy! u are NOTHING! the only reason im addressing u is because clearly nobody else has done it. stay in your fucking lane! get some hoes! and once u do, u will realize how STUPID it is to comment on another man’s girl. the fact that most of yall are black is whats disgusting! im not a beauty queen, but i look better than everybody in YOUR ugly ass family, including those ugly ass gremlins u call kids, so relax on calling a person thats probably the same skin tone as the woman that BIRTHED your black ass, ugly. im a black mother, fuck boy! im out here fighting the good fight! i could post every expensive thing i own on social media like them other hoes, but i dont! because i care about other shit. they are killing us! and u over here calling me ugly fifty times! why? do something with your life! spread love u stupid fuck! we need soldiers, not internet gangsters!

and to the women… the black women. 1/2 of yall will never know anyone as beautiful as i am, let alone be more attractive than i am your damn selves, so shut ur ugly ass up! some of yall are attractive and beautiful. and gorgeous. and fierce. and slayed. and snatched. and dressed for the gods! good for u bitch!👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼good for u! im glad your miserably beautiful ass is calling me ugly instead of finding a damn man! if you’re so amazing, why hasnt he wifed u yet? why u STILL single? my man went from my boyfriend to my fiance in SIX MONTHS! know why? want the secret? maybe if u took off all that MAC he might call back. might dont tho bcuz all u are is a toy! toys are pretend! u dont do anything but look pretty. u are a bill, not someone to build with. so u mad bcuz my man wants me just the way i am? got it bitch! and the rest of u hatin ass hoes are just like me. married. successful. happy. beautiful. but mad cuz i am too? self hate. thats gotta feel like a death sentence to hate yourself. how bout cheering me on? wishing me luck? yeah the fuck right! y’all just wanna hate anything u dont understand or like. it must sucks to be all of u hoes. yall probably have kids too. daughters. she could be just like me. strong. confident. independent. hard working. feisty. a go getter. proud. thoughtful. giving. loving. and black. but she wont be. thats whats wrong with our generation. we got idiots raising more idiots. aint no more big mamas out there. big mama still hits the club on the weekends. we are doomed! u hoes dont even cook anymore! yall scared the steam from the pots will melt your damn caked up face and then he wont like u? u terrible ass hoes also think its your kids’ responsibility to raise each other because u gotta be front and center at the Future concert! i hate u hoes! yall destroying our future! i got one shot at being a dope mom and i take pride in that shit. contrary to what u might think im an amazing mother. my sons progress in life and school tells me so. thats what i focus on. i see ugly hoes, thirsty hoes, gold diggin hoes and aint shit hoes on social media EVERY DAY just like u, but why do YOU think its your job to tell them that? its not bitch! no matter what u think in that dumb ass brain of yours, its not your job! laugh out loud at that hoe just like i do, and keep scrolling! thats what a real bitch does. thats what a bitch thats truly UNBOTHERED💅🏽 does! i can sit on here and dog hoes out all day just like i did in the balleralert comments today, but that shit is stupid! what did i get out of it? money? clothes? some dick? nope! so i dont really care. i shouldn’t have cared. but u miserable hoes do. y’all do that shit all day, every day! it hurts my soul knowing y’all the hoes in charge of our future as black women. i wanna throw up!

FYI… my charges were dropped bcuz im INNOCENT! i didnt have to pay anyone except my laywer to fight for me and i won! i was offered deals n shit but i said go fuck yourself! I’m not doing any PTI to make this go away. i wouldn’t sign anything that said i was guilty of something i didn’t do just so this could go away. i was ready to stand toe to toe while my life was in the hands of “a jury of my peers” and yall clowin me? for real? yall clownin a black woman thats fighting for her life? i thought yall wouldve been on my side! i preach about how fucked up these cops are every fucking day on social media and THIS is the mutha-fuckin thanks i get? from my own people? why should i care anymore? why should i continue to fight and write letters and secretly donate funds to causes that are fighting for us to be alive if u IDIOTS are the people im fighting for? fuck yall! im over here challenging the NFL to do better and be better bcuz the majority of that league looks like men IN OUR FAMILY and y’all hating? men who may some day be YOUR SON OR GRANDSON as a professional football player. but yall hatin? im a good fucking person and i fight for whats right and all i get is a kick in my ass once my charges were filed AND dropped from my own people! wow! yall couldnt even wait to hear my side of the story. man fuck yall. fuck all yall. in real life!✌🏽️