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Bio: Wife and mother, like no other!

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  1. Hi Miko I hope you are well! I had the chance to meet Brent at the Green Bay game and he was really cool. I told him how I think you are absolutely hilarious and he laughed. I also told him he is the best player on our team which is the truth. My wife and I go to every game we sit club level 50 yd line section 214. We would love to meetup one day if you are down! Best, Adam

  2. Hey Miko,

    I figured I have nothing to lose in attempting to contact you. My girlfriend and I are huge Dolphins fans from Miami. When Brent came to the Phins I completely lost it. When I discovered your Instagram, he quickly surpassed Wake as my favorite Dolphins player. We are heading out to the game tonight and would love the opportunity to meet you.

    Please shoot me an email if this will be possible.

    Go Team Grimey.

    Andrew Blanco

  3. Hi Mrs. Miko Grimes,

    I am a big fan of your husband during his playing times with the falcons. I have 2 photos of Brent , that I would love to get signed. I am just wondering any possibilities I can send out & have it signed. If not, I understand, & thanks for your time.

  4. After that NFL rant, I want to hear more. I’m sure others would too. There is always twitter, but your own website…that’s where it’s at. Let me know if you’d want some help redesigning this…just promise to post more/longer rants!

  5. Just want to offer my support during these trying times. Hope to see you back on Twitter speaking truth soon. Hold your head hight and don’t let anything keep you down!

  6. What’s up Miko, keep your head up. Don’t succumb to hate, overcome hate with love. We all have your back. Sit back, relax 🔥💨🌲 and wait for this shit to blow over.

  7. Agree with you 100 percent. Tannehill is awful and is the guy holding the team back. All of the media and the Dolphins are so soft with him and don’t blame him for anything. They never ask him any tough questions for the things that r going on every week since tannehill has been the qb. How come they don’t ask him questions like why can’t the offense score any points? Why doesn’t the offense have any big plays? Do you think you’re getting sacked so much because of the offensive line or because you hold on to the ball too long? If you’re so athletic how come you can never scramble avoiding the rush and run for a first down? The media is so soft on him, and they continue to be soft on him with Another awful season with him as the starting qb. It’s a qb league! I do disagree with you on one thing. U bashed some Dolphins media on being soft on tannehill but it’s not just them! It’s the whole media including the national media. They are all soft on tannehill! I be never seen a qb in the history of the league get so many excuses for his poor play. But ALL the media continue to defend this guy saying he’s going to great. It drives me nuts. Do they with the games? Or do they just look at his meaningless stats that are all based on easy short passes with no big play throws and no Tds! Tannehill is a fraud and the luckiest guy in the world to get over 40 million for failing at his job. Steve Ross needs to realize that this guy is the only guy holding the Dolphins back. But I understand how can he easily realize it when the media is in love with tannehill and the head coach and offensive coordinator is from Texas am! I’m not watching another Dolphins game until they get rid of tannehill. As for Brent he’s a great player and other than trying to go wherever pays the most he should leave the Dolphins and go to a real winning organization.

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